visual inspection of any car
in just 120 seconds


Car Service

The system protects car services from unlawful customer claims about potential car damage that occurred when the vehicle was serviced. What’s more Car Scanner provides the services with new service that can generate extra revenue.


The system protects car services from unlawful customer claims about potential car damage that occured when the vehicle was serviced. What’s more Car Scanner provides the services with new service that can generate extra revenue.

Generate extra revenue

360 photography develops a new business for 
car services - they can sell the photos created for easier online sale of residual value tracking in case of fleet management companies

Save money

Check in and check out scans enable mechanic to easily determine if any damages occoured when the car was serviced

Standardized look

Car Services can present the car before and after the service in a decent standardised way that enables customers to compare the quality of all body repairs.


Car Rental

Car Scanner is a breakthrough for Car Rentals, as it provides automation of returning a car while drastically increasing the company’s credibility and customer experience.

Initial scan

Cars are scanned once leaving and returnign to the rental company. The process takes just 120 seconds so it is much more convenient for customers that current approach.

Gain trust with blockchain

Each scan is authenticated using Blockchain technology, 
so both the customer and company are protected from any fraud attemps to modify the scans

Residual value tracking

The system provides rental company with a comprehensive comparision of car’s condition between particular rentals.

Automate the process of returning a car

The system automates the process of returning a car and thus companies can move their extra staff from car parks to front desk and save more clients.


Fleet management

Using Car Scanner, fleet management companies can keep track of car’s condition remotely and thus take action when needed to keep the residual value of the car at assumed level. It also drastically improves the workflow once leasing contract expires and the car is being sold online.

Remote inspections

Scans can be pefromed at any location and then synced via cloud with the fleet company. This enables the company to remotely analyze the condition of the car.

Distributed scanning points

Thanks to high scalability of the system, Car Scanner can be located at any car service/ car park or shopping mall so that the customer has plenty locations in his neighbourhood to perform the scan.


Periodic scans make it possible to track the condition of car’s body in a form of timelapse comparision.

Sell cars easier

360 photography and VR interior inspection enable the feet company to provide a buying experience of its used after-leasing vehicles simillar to the one that OEMs provide when sellling brand new cars.


Aftermarket sales

Car Scanner is a great way to boost aftermarket sales by listing entire inventory online in a interactive, modern and standardized buying experience that shortens the selling cycle.

360 photography

360 photosession of the car both outside and inside creates a comprehensive and immersive buying experience that enhances buying experience

VR tour

Interior inspeciton creates a VR experience that guides customer through the equipment of a particular vehicle. It is also a great tool to remotely inspect vehicle’s condition without leaving buyer’s home.

Points of interest

The player supports points of interest marks that are extremly useful way to show key equipment of car like alloy rims, GPS or leather seats.

Sell photos with cars

Frequently buyers are banks or leasing companies that will soon list the car online after buying. It generates additional revenue stream of selling the professionaly looking scans so that the car can be listed online on buyers website immediately after buying the car.


Other cases

Despite automotive, Car Scanner can be used in different business verticals including ship, bus, airplane and pallet inspection.

QR Code readings

The system can read QR and bar codes to detect particular pallets within the warehouse

3D dimension measurements

Optional lidar integration enables Car Scanner to precisely measure all dimensions of the pallet.

Order completion

Car Scanner can track the progress of order completion and check for any potential mistakes


Blockchian secured inspections make insurance claims much easier and faster.



Visual documentation in just two mintues

360° photography

Web panel for damage recognition

Obstacle detection

Automatic licence plate recognition

Dedicated web player

Interior documentation

Full integration with 3rd part via REST API


An advanced sensor-packed system for visual inspection

22 sensors check the surrounding of Car Scanner 1000 times a second to make sure that robot works safely and robustly.


Automated 360° photography in an affordable price

Car Scanner with accessory shadeless tent provides an ultimate automated 360 vehicle photography experience for just a fraction of regular price for automotive turntables. It is all possible to the “moving sensor” approach which states that it is much easier and cheaper to revolute small camera around heavy car, than to rotate heavy car around light camera.


360* immersive Interior experience

Thanks to modular design, the Interior scanning module produces superior 360 interior tours for a comprehensive buying experience.


Size does NOT matter

The magnetic track is designed in a way that enables compatibility with all vehicles from small micro car up to a pickup truck


Blockchain authentication of scans

Each scan taken with Car Scanner is secured using blockchain technology that can mathematically prove when in doubt that it was exactly that car on the scan

Each time the Car Scanner takes
a photo, a time of the photo is very precisely measured.

Each timestamp has its 64-bit hash generated.

Hashes are stored in Car Scanner’s blockchain, and scan’s authenticity gets verified each time they are displayed

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Project of a self-propelled robot documenting damage to the car in real time

Project objectives: The aim of the project is to create an innovative autonomous robot for the detection and documentation of car paint damage in real time using image analysis algorithms and active thermography for use in the automotive industry.

Project assets: 3 947 888.61 PLN
European Funds Committed: 2 616 763.20 PLN


Chassis Scanner - Autonomous 3D documentation of car’s chassis

Project objectives: Development of an innovative autonomous system for inspecting the chassis of electric cars to measure any mechanical damage.

Project assets: 1 503 145.29 PLN
European Funds Committed: 910 357.76 PLN


Implementing InMotion Labs foreign market expansion project through product and services promotion

Project objectives: The overall project target is the expansion in exporting operations of InMotion Labs within the scope of Car Scanner, as well as promotion of Polish IT services.

Planned Effects: As part of the GoToBrand project, the company took part in expos in Dubai, South Korea, Singapore, USA, Portugal, Spain, United Kingdom, and Austria.

In effect the project implements InMotionLabs innovations and seeks to find international partners and distributors.

Project assets: 454 600 PLN
European Funds Committed: 386 410 PLN


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